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  • E-travel
    Major players of the e-Travel industry reviewed by web users !

    Because the tourism industry online is fairly wide with different specialties, this 3rd edition focuses on the main e-Travel players proposing long distance holidays to the customers.

    The 8 players, including a majority with a large international exposure, have been tested by 1.200 participants to measure how the online experience is actually meeting the customers’ expectations beyond the price, in terms of pleasure and confidence…
  • Food and Grocery
    6 major retailers tested by 1,000 e-shoppers

    Food and Grocery shopping online
    is one of the most significant e-commerce activities in the UK, all players closely watched by competitors all over Europe. With customer loyalty at stake, each player aims to position itself to “grab” a share of this market. But how does their website actually deliver a satisfying and seductive online experience?

    YUSEO’s e-Performance Observatory is a definite milestone in terms of online customer experience competitive benchmarking.  
  • General Retail
    8 major retailers evaluated by 1,400 e-shoppers
    In the UK market, you can hardly get any bigger and more famous than the 8 retailers involved in this e-Performance Observatory.

    So deeply immersed, for many years,  in the British consumers\' lives, all players tested represent some sort of barometer of the general retail health and trends. It made all the more sense to measure, with the end customers, if the online customer experience is up to speed and consistent with the issues at stake.
  • Ready-to-wear
    12 major clothing e-retailers under the scrutiny of 1,500 online buyers

    Facing more demanding customers in a fiercer environment, high-street retailers as well as pure players aim to “grab” a share of the online "ready-to-wear" market which is still enjoying a steady growth. Each one of them applies a specific online merchandising to fit with different strategies.

    In a highly competitive environment, YUSEO’s competitive benchmark focuses on the ability of each e-retailer to meet customers expectations via a smooth online experience to build up loyalty.
  • Shoes
    An e-commerce line of business with high expectations !

    Looking at the market share in the US of the online players in the shoe retailing industry, this edition of the Observatory means a lot. 6 key players of this line of business, some with international exposure, have been tested by 900 participants who navigated on each site.

    The gap between the actual online navigation performance measured and the user satisfaction is one of the most significant since the inception of the Observatory…

  • White Paper 2011
    Review of the customer experience of the French e-commerce market

    For any UK retailer aiming to expand their business in France, Yuseo’s “white paper” delivers a detailed and accurate review of the major e-players in France.  
    With 65 websites tested by more than 11,000 e-shoppers, the report delivers a unique picture of the online customer experience in France. 

    How much the maturity of the UK market is an asset to efficiently challenge the French retailers ? What are the specifics to take into account ?


What if on Internet, business decisions drivers were not only based on beliefs, technological novelties or the latest changes introduced by one of the competitors !

Imagine a “virtual” world relying on a solid, genuine and reliable understanding of the customers, to identify new business opportunities and reach beyond appearances, to secure and optimize your design choices.

Fully independent, focused on a qualified measure of the online customer experience, Yuseo’s Observatory aims to contribute in that process with actionable data.