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A unique and lasting measure of the online customer experience

Since 2009, for each of the Observatory, an average of 1.000 internet users has navigated on the 6 to 7 sites selected within a specific field of business.

This regular input of new data, always gathered through the same process, offers a unique multi-sector insight of the online customer experience.

This even enlarges the potential of the results. Within a specific business, it is easier to assess the performance of each player but also across different fields of business it provides a more global understanding of the best practices that actually work to develop or optimize an existing website.
Observatoire Yuseo de l’expérience client

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The Navigation Experience Score directly measures how efficient the web environment proposed to the customer is. Such quantitative behavioral data illustrate the ability of the internet users to actually reach a specific objective while browsing the website (% of success rates to the tasks) : to what extent design choices and more generally speaking ergonomics are suited to customer expectations for a smooth and efficient handling ?

The Navigation Experience Sore is global as well as divided into the three core topics : Access to the range on offer/ Process/ Reassurance and Client support. It aims to evaluate the optimization potential in hands.

In order to properly and strongly relate the declarative data with the behavioral ones, the Observatory focuses on the satisfaction induced by the real navigation.

In relation to the Navigation Experience Score, the User Satisfaction Score delivers an objective insight of the satisfaction in a clearly set environment : “we know what people actually did when collecting their satisfaction feedback”. 

These results (mainly the differences) can also be related to the traditional online satisfaction scores, which only rely on declarative questionnaires.
For each field of business evaluated, the Internet is a core part within the customer relationship strategy. Because each participant of the survey actually navigates on the site in a consistent and controlled environment, it is possible to measure is the online experience is up to speed with the user’s expectations.

Such metric indicates the effect of the “dissatisfaction” induced by the navigation on the site attractiveness.

Each player can then better assess the potential cost related to a poorly designed web site unable to meet customers’ expectations. It also emphasizes the levers and the potential for the conversion optimisation.