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Manage your web site based on qualified customer data to change for the best.

The Observatory is a different and genuine addition to the numerous surveys and barometers focusing on Internet use.

Delivering a benchmark 100% centered on the online customer experience, each edition focuses on how web users actually handle different sites competing within the same field of business to truly measure their navigation and perception. Hence, the online merchandising performance of different players within the same business online is evaluated by the end customers.

It provides a reliable and actionable set of qualified metrics, enabling to proceed with confidence to maximise ROI and wisely allocate resources.

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What is at stake...
The new internet dilemma : qualifying customer data

For a while now, on Internet, gathering customers’ data has not been a problem thanks to web analytics, A/B testing and other online satisfaction surveys. However, the quality and above all the relevancy of these data are more than ever a major issue. Each player online faces an environment where spending has to generate genuine return or no one is willing anymore to ” try to see how it goes”.

As it happened for decades in each maturing business, the ROI is expected for Internet and above all has to be measured in a relevant manner. In a growingly customer driven world, where Internet rebalances each day the equilibrium between the company and its client, managing the growth on relevant information is crucial. It enables to meet more efficiently customers’ increasing expectations and thus to compete the challengers with the appropriate knowledge.

Online satisfaction surveys, web analysis or even statistics on the server related data (response time, speed,…) : such data only materialise the internet as it is used (symptoms) but lack operational insight to improve the existing processes (answering "Why?").

The e-Performance Observatory proposes a clear different approach : using the measure of the end users’ online experience to compare different players part of the same competitive environment. As such, it delivers a non disputable assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each player within a comparable referential. The purpose is to illustrate the room for optimisation of the existing sites to increase user satisfaction, the first step to leverage customer loyalty.
New insights on how to the Internet “Black box” actually works ?

Why observing Internet users‘ behaviour? To better understand the way actually customers use your website according to their expectations and what they are looking for and the way they handle it.

Measuring the efficiency of your online merchandising

Yuseo’s observatory measures how efficient the design choices implemented in a website are and their direct impact on the customer satisfaction. An efficient online merchandising directly related to a well suited ergonomics.

Introducing new guidelines to manage the project

Such competitive benchmark introduces a new range of strategic metrics based on customer related information collected during their navigation. Therefore, measuring and understanding the efficiency of the design choices – the ones that work and those that don’t – allows going beyond the beliefs.

Conversion potential: a graspable step for optimisation

As far as the online customer experience optimisation is concerned, a clearer insight from the user itself specifies the relevant levers to activate for a maximum measurable impact.
Observing internet users while they navigate is the genuine and commonly recognised way to gather information on the customer experience online. The aim of the Yuseo’s Observatory is to go beyond traditional 10 to 15 people user tests. It ascertains the actual measure (with a statistical relevance) of the online customer journey with particular emphasis on the effectiveness and efficiency of the design choices impacting the performance and user satisfaction.

Behavioural data at the core enriched by user’s feedbacks while browsing

Facing increasingly demanding customers, every detail to improve the ease and flow to use a website matters.  Yuseo’s e-Performance Observatory delivers accuracy to the environment of customer studies online. This new insight is more consistent with the reality of Internet as a media: the satisfaction is measured in accordance to the actual experience online as well as assessing its consistency with user’s expectations.

For that purpose, the Observatory goes further than Web analytics' projections or online declarative satisfaction surveys as it focuses on understanding and analysing the way Internet users actually navigate online in some specific situations.


A well known customer panel company is in charge with the recruitment and sampling of the Internet users involved in the Observatory. All participants answer a screening questionnaire in keeping with their expectations and feedbacks regarding the business line analysed.

Data gathering methodology

Set into real navigation conditions, a statistically reliable sample of Internet users (a minimum of 135 people per site) completes 6 tasks and during the whole course of the navigation (after each task and at the end of their navigation) deliveres its views on several key dimensions (perception, satisfaction and image).
The efficiency of customer paths is measured through the quantitative behavioural data gathered.  It is then possible to relate the actual behaviour with the perception and satisfaction feedback (qualitative data) in order to build up a full picture of the online customer experience.

Data are collected via Web-Behave, a proprietary tool designed and developed by the in house Yuseo’s R&D department.

Measurement principle

“One can only compare comparable things”. This is the reason why participants always complete identical tasks and answer to the exact same questions on each site evaluated.

Each user navigates on a website randomly allocated based on the answers provided during the screening questionnaire phase.

The output proposes an objective insight allowing a detailed relationship between the user’s behaviour (her/his ability to do) and her/his induced perception and satisfaction.

A relevant measure to deliver insight across the board

For each Observatory, the 6 tasks proposed to the participants address the key 3 founding components of the online customer experience:
-    Access the product / service : ability of the users to access online one or several products available in “store”,
-    Process : conversion phases efficiency (checkout process, subscription process...)
-    Reassurance and client support: finding the “basic” information to reassure / support the customer to facilitate its.

Because the same method is systematically implemented for each observatory, comparing different fields of businesses is possible and meaningful, enhancing even more the purpose of the insights delivered.
Yuseo’s e-Performance observatory deals with the functional aspects of performance, satisfaction, image and perception as truly experienced online by a statistical representative sample of users.

The width, depth and relevancy of the data collected for each observatory deliver a set of actionable findings. 

The latter enables to manage the development of any business online : information organisation and structuring, labels relevancy, processes clarification, efficiency of search features, confidence and brand image build up through a flawless navigation...

These results are a great and unique source of information for every project team willing to optimise the online performance with an insight on its core competitors as well as on others businesses.

It measures users’ actual ability to complete the tasks in hands as they really navigate on the website : efficiency of the design/conception choices and of the customer paths.

A real-time “hands-on” assessment of the satisfaction level induced by the navigation to seize all the strength a qualitative data collected as close as possible to the action.

Facilitates a peripheral representation of the typical key perception dimensions as experienced by the user during the course of the navigation. It enables a relevant and objective comparison of the sites evaluated;

A detailed focus on the main dimensions specifying the Internet satisfaction based on the data collected throughout the study.

To measure the direct impact of the navigation experience on the intent to further use the website: the dissatisfaction element of the user's expectations, impact on the site's potential attractiveness.
A partnership to deliver new actionable customer centred online data to facilitate the Internet strategy management.

Usability surveys and online customer experience measurement to meet marketing requirements

Leader in France in the digital User Experience surveys, Yuseo has dedicated itself for
11 years to managing customer behavioural studies to deliver hands-on recommendations on different interfaces (Internet, Tablets, Software, Cell Phones …) introducing since 2005 the qualified and quantitative measure of the online customer journeys enabling a significant international exposure (Europe, USA, Japan and China).

Awarded in the 2008 DELOITTE EMEA «Technology Fast 500», Yuseo offers a unique positioning based on its proprietary online behavioural analysis tools (WebBehave and Yuscard) developed by its in house R&D team to deliver a relevant and actionable measure of the customer experience to build up loyalty.

Hence, with more than 90.000 users involved internationally on such surveys, getting the best and the most out of the quantitative and qualitative clients’ data, Yuseo has build up an extensive and unique experience and expertise.


Christine Balagué

Christine has a a Phd in Management Science - specialised in Marketing (HEC business school) and graduated from ENSAE (specialised in appled statistics). She suypervises since 2005, within the CNRS works on users' behaviour facing new technologies and the influence of social networks. She has been directly involved in the methodology build-up especially on the satisfaction metrics.

She is an expert with the European Commission on Digitial Identity. She often intervenes during international conferences and supports many companies in their web strategy implementation. 

A careful and rigorous selection of the respondents based on specific criteria among 36 proprietary panels.


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